I literally cannot say enough good things about these two! I have known them since they were in high school and even took their prom photos Jordan’s senior year.

When we started talking about doing this session, we talked about location and I said that I had always wanted to do a shoot at Max Patch. They didn’t know what it was so I looked it up on instagram and showed it to them and they loved it!! I was so stoked, I said that it was like 4 hours away, but I had no problem driving so we packed in a car and headed out. It was a long day, we drove the 4 hours to Max Patch, grabbed some dinner at a brewery around there, and then went to go shoot. It was absolutely perfect! We started at golden hour and shot into dusk, like I literally took one of my last photos at 9:30 at night!! It was amazing! So thankful for these two and their adventurous spirit and just being up for whatever.

They are the real MVP’s!