So Oregon may be my most favorite place in the country. It’s absolutely gorgeous and filled with so many rad people, and these two are some of the best! When I was talking with Marisa about what we wanted to do for the shoot, she suggested to do both an in-home session and a mountain session. They lived like 15 minutes from a place called Spencer’s Butte and she was like “We can take some photos at the house and then drive to the mountain and then shoot there,” and I was so down! I show up and Danny asked if I wanted a cocktail that he made, cause he is a certified mixologist, and the two of them own this rad business called The Tipsy Mule, where they took a trailer and built a mobile bar that they take to weddings and events. And on top of that, Marisa is a graphing designer and she’s the one you can thank for my amazing logo and branding style. I just don’t have enough good things to say about these two, I just love them so friggin much!!